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Hello, I'm Chris Bushnell.

Your organization has solutions that make people's lives better. I am naturally inclined and professionally equipped to craft content that elevates your brand. I will inhabit your brand promise, cultivate your brand voice, and publish according to your brand standards. With a calibrated strategy, this has the power to change how people feel and influence their choices.

I create content that resonates through an empathetic approach to writing compelling copy and designing striking visuals. With an expansive background in PR and marketing, I plan, execute, and measure integrated campaigns across communication channels.

I am seeking a full-time role based in the greater Raleigh-Durham metro. I also have experience working and generating results remotely.

Five Ways I Deliver Results

As a writer, I distill complex ideas into digestible pieces for your key audiences.

Having authored more than 1,000 blogs and press releases, I can research and produce any kind of written content from whitepapers to case studies and email campaigns.

I build and manage impactful social media programs for B2C and B2B companies.

From identifying channel-specific strategies to building custom content calendars, I can plan, execute, and measure the performance of your organization's social media program.

Harnessing the Adobe Creative Suite, I use design to make a strong impression.

Whether it is a clean infographic, an entertaining video or laying out an entire annual report, I know how to adhere to brand guidelines and deliver a polished presentation.

As a versatile strategist and creator, I can plan and execute a variety of projects.

From an internal communications initiative to a media blitz, I apply the principles of public relations to build strong, mutually-beneficial relationships with colleagues and peers.

I'm committed to setting high standards and measuring performance to ensure ROI.

Establishing benchmarks, identifying key performance indicators, and continuous improvement are essential elements of an effective content strategy program. I'm up for the challenge.