I have been using social media to help organizations successfully promote their brands since before it became a prominent method of marketing communication. I have experience defining channel-specific strategies, cadences and goals for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube (some Facebook post examples are below).

Starting in 2005, I leveraged MySpace as a way for Raleigh nightclubs to engage with their customers. This was years ahead of "sentient" brand engagement on Twitter or Instagram.

In 2009 I persuaded the N.C. Education Lottery to create a new position so I could launch and manage their social media program. I presented at lottery industry conferences in 2010 on traditional and social media convergence and in 2016 on how the lottery partners with its advertising agency for integrated advertising campaigns.

I began managing social media in 2016 for Who's Bad, the world's longest-touring Michael Jackson tribute band.


I have experience establishing benchmarks and identifying key performance indicators at the outset of initiatives so that clients and management have a clear idea how success in social space will be evaluated.

N.C. Education Lottery

I planned and executed many popular social media promotions for the lottery. For a relatively small investment in prizes and paid support, we were able to generate extensive reach and exceptional engagement. Managing the daily content calendar, I also published a steady flow of organic content to support sales, educate customers, and promote the brand. Tap or click on a thumbnail to see a larger image.

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First Tuesday Takeover

For monthly product roll-outs, I sometimes wrote blogs in the voice of "Mr. First Tuesday" - a character developed by the lottery's agency for TV and radio ads. By inhabiting Mr. First Tuesday's charming personality, we introduced players to new games in a fun and engaging way.

Halloween Fun

Brands are looking to get a share of the social conversation revolving around broader cultural trends and events. The key is to find a way to authentically get the brand into that conversation. And that requires doing more than saying "Happy National Hot Dog Day." Success comes with finding a genuine intersection between the brand and the more general topic of interest.

Chris Bushnell Creative UNC Basketball Calendar Design PR Copywriting Creative Writing

Small Prize, Big Reaction

The greatest appeal of the lottery, of course, is the chance to win big. But what we found was that the more attainable "everyday" wins could be of great interest to our customers, especially if we had a photo and human details to bring dimension to the story. I was always looking for opportunities to celebrate wins big and small, and the fun of simply dreaming that comes with getting a ticket.

Smells Like a Winner

To get an unfair share of attention for the lottery's first-ever scented scratch-off ticket, we developed a traditional PR and social media campaign. It entailed on-site events at restaurants in the state's two largest media markets, Charlotte and Raleigh-Durham. We achieved broad TV and newspaper coverage. And we amplified the messaging through promotional posts on social media.

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Fans Show Panthers Pride

I designed this promotion to leverage the lottery's partnership with the Carolina Panthers. Coming off the team's Super Bowl appearance, the Panthers-themed scratch-off ticket was a chance to connect the lottery with a broadly popular brand. In accordance with the Panthers' brand guidelines, I designed approved graphics and wrote post copy and blogs to tap into football fandom that tied strongly to our product.


Ruby Red Hot Summer

North Carolinians love the summer sunshine. And to associate the lottery with that spirit of seasonal adventure, we created the Ruby Red Hot Summer promotion. I designed the graphics and wrote the post and blog copy for this promotion as well. It accomplished our aim to prompt exchanges with players about the thrill and delight of summer that extended that feeling to the instant scratch-off ticket going on sale.

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Powerball Wishes

The core theme of dreaming and possibility is essential to the lottery's brand. And finding different ways to talk about that is a key challenge in all communications, including social media. By finding the intersection of making birthday wishes and what wishes could come true with a Powerball win, we started a fun conversation with players to celebrate Powerball's 25th Anniversary.

Who's Bad

Whereas the lottery's social media program revolves around monthly product launches and promoting winner and beneficiary awareness, social media content for Who's Bad is all about the band's tour schedule and celebrating Michael Jackson's musical legacy.

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Legends Never Die

A delicate aspect of promoting a Michael Jackson tribute band is the sensitivity revolving around his passing. So on the anniversary of his death, I looked for a way to celebrate his life in a reverent and inspiring way instead of one that might spark feelings of grief.

Scent of Success

While much of the post content necessarily revolves around particular tour dates, it is also important to just have fun. For playful celebrations like National Fragrance Day, there is an opportunity to look for where the brand can actually connect with that idea to entertain and engage fans.

Chris Bushnell Creative UNC Basketball Calendar Design PR Copywriting Creative Writing

Event Promo

Exciting and thanking fans is central to the band's relationship with those fans. So not only do we look for fun and interesting ways to let fans know what tour dates are on the horizon, we also take time to express gratitude for their support.

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